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Oct 18, 2023·edited Oct 18, 2023

Yes, the preponderance of evidence so far places responsibility for this at the door of the apartheid State of Israel. I have my doubts as to whether Netanyahu and his cronies really want to eliminate Hamas. After all, it is in part Israel's creation, and is useful cover to justify Israel's ongoing crimes against the Palestinian people. The rage-fuelled assaults on the people of Gaza going on right now are , it seems, rather a means for the deeply embarrassing and humiliating failures of the entire political and military leadership of Israel to be avenged. That this vengeance is to be wreaked on hundreds, maybe thousands, of children, women and men who had nothing to do with the crimes of Hamas is immaterial. After all, in the eyes of much of the Jewish Israeli population, Palestinians are inferior beings - savages, cockroaches and other labels are routinely placed on them.

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