Don’t know how I ended up following you but jeez, you really are just repeating DNC talking points from 2008? Nader didn’t cause Clinton to win. The democrats cause the republicans to win by completely betraying the working class, letting the right draw them in with racism and religion. I get you’re a professional liberal but I suggest you update your analysis. Vote Socialist 2024

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I prefer a "both and" - approach. While I agree with virtually all that you've said, I think both:

1. Ezra Klein has put forth a potentially viable - alternative - which relies upon either Biden - "waking up" (not likely he will) as well as Democratic politicians and others "inside" seeking to force his hand


2. Presuming - that 45 - does not win and/or a Coup doesn't put him in power- there is little incentive for the Democrats to "wake up" and recognize how dysfunctional they are.

I have the privilege of living in California - where your approach fits perfectly. At the same time, I will not support Genocide nor the Democrats - pushing both Not Listening to the Popular will on it and other areas and similar.

I have ZERO hope - if Biden ends up Not the Dem - nominee - that s/he will be significantly better. Such a choice/decision can bring both a younger leader and faintly perhaps a move in the direction that we seek.

I have no doubt that the Dem politicians in CA, IL, NC etc. - are avoiding a divisive schism - while being ready to jump in.

Personally - I could imagine the Dem Convention - ala Klein - having a white male like Gavin Newsom or even Roy Cooper - who most haven't heard of - With - a New Black Female - VP candidate! Complex maneuvering there - with Sexism/Racism and Harris's lack of popularity -and the pickle that Biden put himself in choosing Harris in 2020. Time will tell!

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I am pleased to see this piece about the folly of third party candidates in this election. I have been promoting the position that we must prevent Trump’s effort to get a second term even though we abhor his bankrupt policies in Gaza. I caution the strategy of not voting for Biden in “blue” states. I believe the first order of business is to prevent Trump and MAGA candidates from moving one inch forward, anywhere. We can resume our best efforts after the election, but the danger, the existential danger is just too great right now to risk anything other than resouncing defeat for Trump and all his MAGA followers.

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